The mission

From the daily encounter with the problematic related to the variegated "world of the Architecture" is come up the idea to inform and to introduce to a larger public the study methodologies and ways of fulfilment of the elaborated projects.
Taking advantage of the potentialities offered from the multimedia technology, the Architect who imagined this disclosing possibility has defined a "factory", inside of which several areas of interest generate a curiosity for the matter in the visitor and, in case of a deeper need, to achieve a direct involvement.
Considered the vastness of the subjects, it has been created a section where it will be possible a direct interaction with the Professional in order to obtain a complete clarification of the doubts on the handled matter.
The numerous travels made by the Architect, have allowed him to take contact with the multiple external realities with the consequent formation of a "mental archives" in a position to promote the solution to the aesthetical and structural problematics.